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Now that the legal Missouri Cannabis industry is in full swing, there is more reason than ever to adhere to compliance and thorough security measures that follow state regulations and guidelines. Our team at Cannabis MO Security is ready to earn your business and protect your people, crops, and assets. From Consultation in license appropriation to security guards and secure transportation, CMS is equipped to aid with over 50 years of expertise for your legal Missouri Cannabis Security needs. 

Our team at CMS is unrivaled when it comes to safety and security in the legal Missouri Cannabis industry. Despite the profitable nature of the cannabis industry, it is also a complicated and complex one with several potential security lapses that cannot be ignored as a cannabis entrepreneur or business owner. Our team is more focused than ever on providing an excellent Missouri Cannabis security for labs, dispensaries, retailers, and grow-ops. We do this in compliance with the specifications of the Missouri Cannabis program regulator.


We encourage cannabis businesses and entrepreneurs state-wide to comply wholly with the dictate of the law from A to Z. We employ several security options that are covered in their foundational security plan which is required by the governing body. We assist in installing the necessary access control systems, alarms systems, industry background checks, and provide security patrol services. Cannabis MO Security has in-depth knowledge and the extensive training necessary to carry out top-of-the-line security consulting and security.


What sets us apart from our competitors? Our experts develop a custom security strategy that provides you an edge over your competitors as you’ll successfully operate your business in a safe and secure environment. Don’t leave your Missouri Cannabis Security to chance - involve specialists to help defend and secure your business, your employees, your products, and customers. 

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